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1) Bend knees
2) Lower back hand toward the ground
3) Scoop ball and bring stick to your face to prevent from getting stick checked
Do not:
* Rake the ball. Raking requires you to stand still which makes you and your stick an easy target.
* Scoop with one hand. The chances of missing the ball increase significantly.
Practice on Your Own
* Throw the ball out 20 feet, run full speed and scoop it up. Repeat 5 times.

1) Hold stick in both hands resting at side. Bottom hand (at end of shaft) has knuckles facing up. Top hand has palm facing up.
2) Open bottom hand slightly so shaft can movely freely inside the hand
3) Pull up with top hand, bending elbow on the way. Bottom hand remains stationary.
4) Curl wrist of top hand at top of motion to create an arc.
5) Keep stick close to helmet to avoid getting stick checked

Focus on:
- Creating a perfect half circle or arc with stick face. (This creates centrifugal energy which keeps the ball in the net.)

Do not:
* Cradle too vigorously
* Hang your stick behind or to the side

1) Put bottom hand at end of shaft, top hand in the middle
2) Step and point opposite foot and elbow where you want the ball to go
3) Follow through straight – end of shaft should be in your armpit

Focus on:
- Pointing your foot and elbow where you want the ball to go

Do not:
* Throw side-arm or ¾ arm because it′s not very accurate

Practice on Your Own
- Find a wall, stand 20 feet away, so your passes bounce once on the rebound
1) Hold stick in front of you
2) Give the passer a good target
3) When ball arrives, pull stick back by flexing elbows and cradling ball into the net

Do not:
* Swipe or punch at the ball
* Run away from the passer except on a clear

1) Bounce the ball
2) Shoot away from goalie′s body and stick
3) Release the ball quickly before you get checked!
4) Try not to look directly where you want the ball to go
5) Use hips, wrists, and a powerful step to generate ball speed
6) Always shoot on the run
Do not:
* Shoot for top corners, except in close
* Wind up before shooting – you′ll probably get stick checked

Practice on Your Own
- Create a small target (1x1 feet) on a wall and aim at it while on the run. Try to hit the target with a bounce shot and regular shot.