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Danbury Youth Lacrosse sponsors and supports youth lacrosse activities year round. The town of Danbury is now blessed with several artificial turf fields which permits practice and games in a variety of weather conditions. However, DAYO LAX wants to stress to players, coaches, and parents:

When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!

Many small open shelters on athletic fields, golf courses, parks, roadside picnic areas, schoolyards and elsewhere are designed to protect people from rain and sun, but not lightning. A shelter that does not contain plumbing or wiring throughout, or some other mechanism for grounding from the roof to ground is not safe. Small wooden, vinyl, or metal sheds offer little or no protection from lightning and should be avoided during thunderstorms.

The new Kaplanis Field house is considered a Lightning Safe structure.  Unfortunatly, this facility is not guaranteed to be open during all practices and game events.  The only other secure area near the playing fields is inside the school facility, which also is usually closed when DAYO LAX practices and games are being played.

Parents - if the weather looks threatening and the forecast is for thundershowers, please stick around practice or games. The town of Danbury covers a large area and while it maybe sunny at your house, there could be thunder, lightning, and pouring rain at the playing fields.

Below is a National Weather Service link which describes lightning safety. Information about safe buildings, unsafe buildings, safe and unsafe vehicles.  There is also a Outdoor Sports Safety Guide available to download and share with players and other family members. 

National Weather Service Lightning Safety

Outdoor Sport Lightning Safety Guide

Thanks to the New Fairfield Youth Lacrosse Website for the content of this important advisory.